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Direct Tax and Regional tax (Irap)

This service is offered to those companies who chose a complete and customized tax advisory service including direct and regional taxation issues in order to optimize tax burden management. In particular, we can offer practical tax operations assistance, draw up technical opinions on tax laws interpretation and pertinence and a constant taxation matters update activity.


A&C Legal and Tax Consulting also offers assistance and representation in Tax Offices (Internal Revenue Service, Public Offices, Ministry of Economy and Finance, etc.) in case of specific requests for information, proposals for compliance and conciliation against administrative acts. We can therefore assist companies by the preparation and presentation of respondents such as: anti-avoidance prior questioning,  anti-avoidance rules non-appliance instance, ordinary questioning  and international ruling (about transfer pricing, dividends, interest and royalties).

Our offered services also include tax assessment activities in order to verify fiscal requirements compliance, analyze pending litigations and improve the overall fiscal policy of the Company.