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World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

World Class Manufacturing (WCM) or Total Performance Management (TPM) is is a worldwide recognized program/​​philosophy of continuous improvement which is practiced by many successful companies. It is an integrated model that looks at the organization of the factory as a whole: from environment and safety management to maintenance and logistics too with a focus on eliminating waste. WCM applies to all areas of production with the aim to optimize results through continuous processes and product quality improvement,  production costs control and progressive reduction, flexibility to responding to market needs and personnel involvement and motivation.

The program is based on a well established and systematic management (information and results) and is based on the so-called pillars (main ones are: Focus Improvement, Autonomous Maintenance, Planned Maintenance, Quality Maintenance, Education & Training, Safety/Health/Environment).



An external audit assesses the degree of application of the standard achieved by the factory and thus establishes a score which is defined by four types of certification: bronze, silver, gold and world class.