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About us

Leanprove is a reality made up of management consultants (both from academia and from business), accountants and lawyers with long time experience gained in major corporations and leading professional firms.

The integrated service of management, legal and tax consulting offered by Leanprove features:

  • Bespoke service:: our distinctiveapproach is based on the commitment to identify, together with the client, the specific service that best meets his goals in terms of contents, methods and dedicated professional human resources.
  • International Expertise: Leanprove, thanks to the skills of its professionals, is specialized in international taxation and law advisory,  the strategic and process consulting also has significant experience abroad (Europe, Asia, North and South America).
  • A constant presence on field: Leanprove's professionals are available for clients in ensuring regular and timely presence at company's sites and factories.

Leanprove makes use of excellence synergies with leading European and non-European firms to provide assistance to companies abroad too.

Leanprove in numbers

  • A 16-year experience
  • Professionals from academic, consulting and corporate world

In 2012 Leanprove counts:

  • 3 Departiments (Management, Tax and Legal Consulting)
  • 1 Business School
  • Experience in 24 industries
  • 5 Foreign Partner (USA, China, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland)
  • More than 150 clients